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On America Trends 

Discussing Trump/McCain

On AMERICA TRENDS Discussing the Confederate Flag

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The MICHAEL HART SHOW is a lively, fast paced, issues based talk program that takes on the most compelling, provocative and sometimes uncomfortable issues of the day. Every day Michael dares to challenge peoples conventional beliefs with hard hitting, in depth, analysis, common sense and a heaping does of the truth! Using quick wit, humor a smattering of sarcasm, and history, a lot of history, Michael goes behind the topical "What's Happening" in the world today and gets to the "Why", "Who's Responsible", "When did this all really begin", and "What's Coming Next". And he does so through the perspective of a Christian Conservative and one that can certainly get cranky at times. So tune in weekdays at 7pm and experience one of Michael Hart's famous caffeine inspired rants while learning just what's really going on in America and the world around us!