"Because there's a lot of history

 in the past"

"The ability to speak eloquently is not to be confused with having

something to say"

"It's not about Left vs. Right,

it's about Us vs. Them"

"Well you know it's (day of the week) and I'm never wrong on (day of the week)"

"Wow that comment is so stupid I'm surprised you survived childbirth"

"And there's that"

"I don't give a Tinkers Dam what you think"

Community food drive

Community food drive

Thirty years ago Michael Hart was a flat broke, high school drop-out pushing a lawn mower in Alabama for 6 bucks an hour. With no education or direction he eventually fell into a life of drugs and alcohol… bouncing from one menial job after the other.

Drunk, broke and lost… Michael’s life surely seemed destined for the scrap heap… But luckily the Lord had other plans for his life. In his mid twenties Michael would marry and start a family… This new found responsibility was the impetus to turn his life around. 


Through much prayer and soul searching he fought back his addictions and turned his life around. Michael embarked on a journey of discovery and self education. He eventually went into straight commission sales which gave birth to a successful speaking and consulting career focused on small business growth.

As a small business owner and father Michael developed an interest in Politics, economics and world events. He began to actively participate in local politics. As his speaking career continued to blossom Michael began speaking out on issues that affect not only business owners, but parents, and Christians alike.

Then on September 11, 2001 Michael’s speaking career suffered a serious setback when the terror of that day all but ended the seminar industry for a prolonged period of time. Michael returned to sales and after several years began yearning again for a microphone. He began his radio career in 2003 with a business oriented program called

THE SUCCESS RADIO NETWORK in Birmingham Alabama.

This program not only allowed him to speak to business issues but also voice his opinions from time to time on Politics, Money, Parenting, and Culture.
Eventually Michael’s program abandoned its exclusive business focus and shifted entirely to the challenges that face our Nation, State, Families and Churches… Michael’s opinions were so passionate, direct and popular in 2009 Crawford Broadcasting invited him join their family and share his thoughts to their growing audience of passionate, Christian, Conservatives…

…Michael accepted and the Michael Hart Show was born!

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