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* When America “really” declared her independence
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* Which state had three Governors in a single day
* Which US state had a Nuclear bomb dropped on it
* Why the history books have the Rosa Parks Story completely WRONG!
* What song was the inspiration for the cartoon character Scooby Doo
* Betsy Ross sewed the first US Flag? Not a chance!
* What Hockey Team's name is spelled wrong on their Stanley Cup Trophy
* How Christmas finally became legal in America
* About the slave that sued her master for her freedom, and won!
* America has already had a female President, who was she?
* Oh and a Gay one too! we've got the proof!
* Which movie star did Gov George Wallace wanted as a VP running mate?
And make sure to keep an eye out for the MYTH BUSTER ALERTS! But be prepared to have what you think you know about American History DEBUNKED!

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